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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Failed climate deal, but an improving start-up climate?

The front page of today’s WSJ business section reports on two items having to do with our industry:  (1) how ‘clean-tech’ firms are responding to the failure in Copenhagen and (2) the overall outlook for the venture capital industry in 2010. Green firms are pivoting from an international game to focus on how to exploit opportunities at the national level, and 2010 looks to be an improvement over “one of … Continue reading

How to shrink the innovation pipeline

My op-ed about how one of the tax increases being considered by Congress will hurt business growth in Florida has just appeared in the Tampa Tribune. The op-ed explains how the venture capital industry in Florida has played a critical role in job creation throughout the state, and how Congress’ plans will alter the balance of risk and reward involved in starting new companies – for both the entrepreneur and … Continue reading

Do you like luxury? Do you enjoy fine things? Silks? Furs? Fine exotic woods?

We in the VC biz are never short of reasons why we believe our portfolio companies should exercise tight control over cash and expenses, so it’s a rare treat when we discover a new one.  And since we are unselfish, we are happy to pass along the valuable nugget:  it’s good for your soul. Luxury ate my morals IF POWER corrupts, then what does luxury do?  In a new study, … Continue reading

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-12

RT @tweetmeme Web 2 winners start as free apps and become platforms | The Equity Kicker #

Update: taxing carried interest

As we have written elsewhere, the proposed carried interest tax increase is a drag on investment and job growth during a recession and attacks an industry that (a) doesn’t ask for bailouts and (b) is critical to the nation’s economic performance. Today’s WSJ covers the most recent development: Zero to 35 in 24 hours House Democrats keep stepping on President Obama’s applause lines about innovation and job creation. On Tuesday, Mr. Obama announced … Continue reading

A(nother) best practice for boards?

Today’s WSJ has a brief, thought-provoking article about how to improve board performance.  This could work very well for some companies, as best practices should, but as we’ve written elsewhere there is more to board performance than best practices. The author is James M. Citrin a senior director and member of the worldwide board of executive search firm Spencer Stuart. I believe that a new mandate should be established for … Continue reading

The fate of control

VC Dispatch has some fun with the old quote about The Golden Rule:  he who has the gold makes the rules.  But they also ask: who has the gold? We’ll second that with our own twist on an old quote:  “The fate of control is that it always seems too little or too much.”  When term sheet negotiations turn to the topic of control, the cliche is that VC firms may ask … Continue reading

BPV adds two companies to portfolio

Ballast Point Ventures had a busy November, completing two new growth equity investments:  Horizon Data Center Solutions and Tower Cloud.    “We are excited to partner with the Horizon and Tower Cloud teams,” said Paul Johan, BPV Partner. “Both companies are focused in rapidly growing industry segments, and we look forward to leveraging our experience and network to help fuel substantial continued growth.” Horizon Data Center Solutions provides data center co-location services and … Continue reading

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