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Monthly Archives: January 2010

This is the disclosure gap worrying the SEC?

In what we first took to be satire from The Onion, the SEC has ruled that companies should warn investors of global warming risks.  The story can actually be found in the 1/27/10 New York Times. After a couple humiliating years of being behind the curve on protecting investors, and despite being still short of manpower, the SEC has nonetheless found the time to address one of the most alarming … Continue reading

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-16

The science (& art) of determining the Next Great NFL Coach. We see parallels for the Next Great Entrepreneur. – # “Hitting the Boards”. Couple of useful ideas for better boards, but c’mon. CEOs = rats jacked up on amphetamines? #

The love of taxes is the root of unhappiness

A recent study in Science magazine indicates that states with the highest taxes also have the least happy residents.  The Wall Street Journal, reporting on the study, argues that the causation is high taxes = unhappiness.  While we are certainly sympathetic to that point of view, we also have to wonder if it runs vice-versa, or at least cuts both ways:  unhappy people like to raise taxes. We are… happy.  … Continue reading

Sloppy eater or efficient pitch?

VC Dispatch says that to pitch correctly requires not one but 7 cocktail napkins, one for each of the following: Pitch, People, Pain, Product, Players, Projections, Proposition

Economics and Inflation: A puzzle

The monetary base is exploding, but so far Wall Street is betting against a resurgence of inflation.  The consensus seems to be that banks are sitting on their new reserves instead of lending, and the Fed can remove that cash from circulation at the right time and avoid inflation. One of our favorite sources on economic thinking is Greg Mankiw’s blog.  Professor Mankiw (of Harvard) recently argued that when banks’ … Continue reading

Promising update on the battle over taxing the carried interest

PE Hub is reporting that Mark Heesen, president of the NVCA, believes the proposed tax on carried interest will not pass this year. “It doesn’t mean that [Senator Max] Baucus [chair of the Senate Committee on Finance] and [Representative Charlie] Rangel [chair of the House Ways and Means Committee] won’t hold exploratory hearings, hoping that in 2011 they can push on tax reform,” says Heesen. “We’ve seen a number of … Continue reading

Alligator Alley and the Flagler (?) Dolphins

One of our favorite documentaries is Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams: A Social History of Modern Florida by USF professor Gary R. Mormino.  (See the Land of Sunshine link under ‘Sites of Interest’ on this blog’s main page.) In this brief segment, Professor Mormino describes how America’s love affair with the automobile contributed to Florida’s growth in the Fifties.  Those of a certain age can probably recall the mystical … Continue reading

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