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Monthly Archives: February 2010

7 Essentials of Highly Effective Companies

The subject of board performance is near and dear to us.  Businessweek recently interviewed David Thomson on his “Essential No.7 – Build a Billion Dollar Board,” during which he discusses the topic with Tom James: James says that having experienced, seasoned people on the board is just what a growth company—and its management—need. “A board has to have no fear about challenging management. As a CEO…you need to be willing to … Continue reading

The wizards of American medicine

On January 28 in The Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger explains how attempts to *reform* America’s health care industry in a top-down fashion inevitably fail due to “unimaginable complexity.”  Henninger chooses the medical devices industry to illustrate his point, and cites Massachusetts as an example – but one could easily substitute Florida and its 92 companies (and approximately 4000 jobs). According to data compiled by Hoover’s business research from the U.S. Census, … Continue reading

The Daily Stat: Directors want better boards

In a recent survey by McKinsey, reported at The Daily Stat, over half of directors thought their boards had failed to meet the demands of the recent crisis. We find it interesting that of the ten topics mentioned, only three had ‘implemented’ scores higher than scores for woulda/coulda/shoulda (still!). Furthermore, it echoes the nostrum about some generals’ tendencies to fight the last war.  Existing regulations typically fail to anticipate the … Continue reading

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