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Monthly Archives: March 2010

SE states’ debt burdens more favorable

The New York Times confirms another reason for the Southeast’s attractive growth potential and why increasing numbers of entrepreneurs are deciding to build their businesses in the region:  lower state debt burdens.  As the attached graph shows, the problem worsens dramatically when one considers many states’ unfunded pension liabilities.  (Click thumbnail for “top” 25 states for debt-to-GDP, “Overloaded with Debts Unseen”.) Not only will such debt levels likely lead to growth-stalling tax increases on the businesses that … Continue reading

Tampa private equity update: “great city for middle market deals.”

from the 3/19/10 Tampa Bay Business Journal The deal environment is more optimistic today with a focus on strategic acquisitions in health and life sciences and financial services. There’s about $750 billion in private equity capital and an estimated $1 trillion in corporate money waiting for investment opportunities, LaBranche said. Tight credit practices and uncertainty about health care and financial reform have kept investors from making big bets. “Once clarity … Continue reading

Vintage Future

Predicting technological trends – let alone profit-making opportunities within those trends – is not for the weak at heart.  Here are a few brave & bold predictions from the past: Even if you predict the trend, and the profitable opportunity within the trend, correctly – there’s still the matter of protecting the IP. BPV sees its capital as a “growth accelerator” for established, rapidly growing businesses with strong management teams.  … Continue reading

Empirical evidence: power corrupts?

Professor Michael Roberto blogs about new research that confirms the old saying about the corrupting influence of power. The research suggests it’s not the power in and of itself, but the leader’s sense of entitlement to that power.  Those with more humility – for lack of a better term – about how high they’ve climbed seem to be harder judges of their own behavior than those who instead believe It’s Good To Be The … Continue reading

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