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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Ranking the Southeast business climate

The Chicago Tribune urges Illinois not to become a “New Michigan” or “New California” but instead mimic states such as FL, GA, VA, TN, TX, and NC.  In an April 11 op-ed entitled The Illinois Spiral they reference the third edition of Rich States, Poor States (from the American Legislative Exchange Council) in which our region scores very well: ALEC ranked states’ economic outlook vs. their 10 year (1998-2008) economic performance based … Continue reading

Start-ups, not bailouts

We’re happy to find friends in unfamiliar places, and welcome allies from all corners to the fight… but this generally supportive op-ed from Thomas Friedman in The New York Times is most notable for missing the obvious: In urging the country to support new business formation, and making policy recommendations to advance that cause, Mr. Friedman fails to mention venture capital even once. We agree with Mr. Friedman that new … Continue reading

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