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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-29 David Brooks on disaster management. # Lessons in persistence and minding the details from unusual source # A contrarian view on inflation from The Telegraph # Every $ govt “waste” = someone’s $ income. Makes reform 2 hard. Politicians can’t defy this dynamic/entrepreneurs can # More on the Carried Interest, from Congress Gets Mean # Opinion Journal: Congress’s Carried Interest Tax Folly #

In Defense of Carried Interest

Gerry Langeler, managing partner of OVP Venture Partners in Portland, OR, writes in defense of carried interest in today’s New York Times. When we’ve written on this subject, we’ve tried to emphasize the adverse impact this proposed tax hike will have on an already distressed economy.  In short, we’ve argued that venture capital is critical to economic growth, new job creation, and innovation – and if you tax those things … Continue reading

Crowding out private investment

In The Library in St.Pete you will find Amity Shlaes’ The Forgotten Man, in which Shlaes recounts how the TVA crowded out Wendell Wilkie’s Commonwealth & Southern, a private-equity-backed company ($400 million as reported in Wilkie’s testimony before a House committee) that was in the process of bringing electricity to the rural South. Since the TVA could borrow unlimited funds at low interest, and did not have to turn a … Continue reading

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-22

WSJ Insight Exchange: what types of businesses are getting funded. # The Internet's worst ideas. A reminder of the *fun* of early stage investing. #

Capturing an enemy bureaucracy

Last Friday’s WSJ features an op-ed entitled Incentives vs. Government Waste in which John Steele Gordon argues that incentives could be better structured and used by bureaucracies. While we have mixed feelings about the idea – we’re certainly believers in incentives, but it’s hard to believe any incentive plan could withstand the gamesmanship of a skilled bureaucrat (see: Fannie Mae) – we enjoyed the historical analogy the author employs: But … Continue reading

Improving Corporate Governance: A Memo to the Board

John J. Brennan, chairman emeritus of Vanguard, writes in the 5/10/10 WSJ on how to improve corporate governance.   Based on a recent speech he delivered at the Drexel University LeBow College of Business Center for Corporate Governance, he offers both conceptual and concrete recommendations: Know that you are the shareholders’ first line of defense Build value through mutual respect Communicate Measure your success Compensate yourselves in equity Share your metrics Hold … Continue reading

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-15

Mortgage Banking magazine features National Infusion Technologies CEO Rich Rollins #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-12

iPads: phenomenal or “iPhone with a pituitary problem”? What will happen to productivity? # “We are losing good jobs to SE b/c there are vast amounts of land available, lower taxes and employment costs.” # Tower Cloud makes Top 10 of wholesale all-stars # API partners with Dresser & Associates, the country’s top Sage Abra HRMS provider #

Venture capital stimulates economic growth

We’ve written before on a recurring thread found in Thomas Friedman’s recent columns:  the importance of keeping the entrepreneurial spirit strong as a uniquely American source of economic prosperity.  While finding ourselves in agreement, in broad terms, we’ve also noted that Friedman seemed to not connect the dots between increasing taxes on venture capital and hurting job growth. In yesterday’s New York Times, he connects the first few dots in … Continue reading

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