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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Where America’s Money is Moving

Forbes analyzed IRS data to determine future “hot spots” for real estate and concluded what we already knew:  Americans prefer the good weather, low taxes, and favorable business climate offered by the Southeast. The dominance of the list by Florida and Texas–the former has eight of the top 20 counties, the latter four– makes sense to Robert Shrum, manager of state affairs at the Tax Foundation in Washington, D.C., since … Continue reading

The Lessons of the GM Bankruptcy

On the one-year anniversary of the GM Bankruptcy an article in the Wall Street Journal draws 3 lessons.  We agree with the author that these “might sound blindingly obvious, but it’s amazing how frequently they’re ignored,” and believe a good venture partner helps address such issues through joint ownership and alignment of interests. Problems denied and solutions delayed will result in a painful and costly day of reckoning. In corporate … Continue reading

When business promotes honesty

In this article from The Independent Institute, Dwight R. Lee argues that businessmen are more honest (or less dishonest) in their dealings than preachers, politicians, and professors: Notwithstanding regular reports of dishonest businessmen in the daily news, businessmen deserve more respect for their honesty than they receive.  Granted, businessmen are not always as honest as we would like them to be, and some of them are simply crooked.  The business community would certainly … Continue reading

Sending a Message That You Don’t Care

Texting, emailing, or taking cell phone calls during meetings is a pet peeve of many professionals… and yet many professionals are themselves guilty of the same impolite behavior.  Some new research offers an explanation, of sorts, in the form of “the group-preserving functions of dissociating.”  It turns out that our electronic devices are (over-) feeding a human need to, at times, “disconnect,” and in the process undermining both teamwork and … Continue reading

British Petroleum and epic failure

The Deepwater Horizon cataclysm has received the type of “flood the zone” coverage that would mortally damage any brand, but especially the brand of an oil company that had invested heavily in marketing itself as a green company.  (You Know You’re in Trouble When… an online competition to revise your logo emerges spontaneously.) Even after discounting for the degree of difficulty involved in deep water drilling, and knowing that accidents – even … Continue reading

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-05 – Opinion: Nobody’s Perfect, but They Were Good # There’s a rumor going around that everybody makes mistakes. But it’s what you do after you make them that matters most. #

Economic recovery depends on start-up businesses

Tech Journal South reports on a recently released study from TD Economics that concludes new businesses are critical to job growth: “Over the 25 year period between 1980 and 2005, without the contribution of start-up firms, net job creation would have been negative.” This recession, like others, disproportionately affected small businesses.  However, the nature of the downturn has been unlike others in ways especially challenging to SMBs: The degree to … Continue reading

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