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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Vintage Future II

Kiplinger predicts Nine Technologies That Will Change Your Future, including personal bar codes and folding (!) cars. We’ve written before that predicting technology trends is not for the weak at heart – and that’s before one tries to protect the IP and find a way to profit from it.  There are reasons we affectionately call the really early stage of investing adventure capital. Since posting Vintage Future I we’ve encountered a few additional items worth passing along: Innovative … Continue reading

Strengthen Your Board

What makes a great board great are not so much its formal procedures, but whether or not its members’ informal modus operandi ensure those well-designed procedures function properly. Robert C. Pozen makes this same point recently in The Wall Street Journal, where he argues that placing too much emphasis on procedure encourages “social loafing” – a situation where individuals don’t take responsibility for the group’s actions and instead assume others will lead.  (Psychologists also … Continue reading

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