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Monthly Archives: February 2011

How you react defines the relationship

Bill Draper – industry pioneer and author of The Startup Game – recently discussed his career, entrepreneurs, and the evolution of the venture business at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. The wide-ranging interview (recounted here at The Wall Street Journal Venture Capital Dispatch blog)  covered several topics critical to a successful vc-entrepreneur marriage: maintaining long term relationships, communicating good news and bad, promoting honesty in business, and maximizing board … Continue reading

Florida’s hodge-podge of scientists, institutions, and funding

This outstanding article in the Sun Sentinel about the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Florida is written by Jeremy Ring, who represents District 32 in the Florida Senate and has fought tirelessly in Tallahassee for policies that encourage entrepreneurial activity in the State.  (We have written on the topic ourselves here, here, here and here.) Senator Ring argues, convincingly, that Florida has all the necessary pieces for a “21st century innovative economy … Continue reading

Inside the mind of great entrepreneurs

Inc. magazine reports on a study in which Saras Sarasvathy, professor at the Darden School of Business, “eavesdrop(s) on the thinking of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs” in order to understand how their minds might differ from those of corporate executives. From How Great Entrepreneurs Think: Discussions of entrepreneurial psychology typically focus on creativity, tolerance for risk, and the desire for achievement—enviable traits that, unfortunately, are not very teachable. [Sarasvathy] … Continue reading

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