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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Vintage Future III: Far out, man.

From time to time we’ve written of the difficulties and risks associated with very early stage investing, sometimes with a tongue-in-cheek look back at the predictions of past generations of investors and futurists.  A “IIIrd” installment like this may mark the beginning of a tradition – but in our line of work it’s good to guard against the hubris inherent in projecting conventional wisdom too far out into the future. … Continue reading

10 rules of entrepreneurship

Reid Hoffman, co-founder/chairman of LinkedIn and partner at Greylock Partners, recently spoke to the South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin.  During his discussion he shared his T?op 10 rules for entreprenuers, a few of which we list below.  Although some may be geared a little more towards very early stage companies, take a minute to enjoy his entire list at Greylock’s blog. Build an amplifying network of advisors. Develop flexible persistence – the sense for when … Continue reading

The trauma of failure is a great, but late, teacher

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Major General Robert Scales draws a lesson in leadership from Donald Rumsfeld’s recently published memoir, “Known and Unknown.”  Rumsfeld has been (among many other things) a successful Congressman, White House Chief of Staff, Defense Secretary (twice), and Fortune 500 CEO.  Scales wonders how and why an accomplished leader such as this could fail to sense the strategy slipping and doubts growing. Using an especially … Continue reading

Medical Progress, Please

Holman Jenkins, writing in The Wall Street Journal, succinctly and perfectly describes the brilliance and, sometimes, serendipity involved in breakthrough entrepreneurship.  From Medical Progress, Please: How does a device like MelaFind come into the world? It begins when a small defense contractor specializing in computer vision is approached by pharmaceutical giants seeking objective ways to evaluate unguents for hair growth, wrinkle reduction or wound healing. An adviser to the small company, a world-famous dermatologist, … Continue reading

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