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Monthly Archives: August 2011

More detail on the Startup Act (proposed by Kauffman)

Edward R. Muller, CEO of GenOn Energy, and Larry Zimpleman, president and CEO of the Principal Financial Group, co-authored a piece in the Wall Street Journal entitled An Entrepreneurial Fix for the U.S. Economy.  In it they provide a little more detail about the previously mentioned “Startup Act” proposed by the Kauffman Foundation.  With early-stage activity at its lowest lever since 1977, any or all of these ideas could only … Continue reading

Vintage Future IV

Here is the latest installment in our Vintage Future series (see I, II, and III) in which we take a tongue-in-cheek look at predictions from the past to remind ourselves that today’s trend can be tomorrow’s punchline. This time, crazy patents from LIFE:  eyewear for chickens, animatronic rickshaws, moneyballs, dog power, and more.  Think: someone went through the effort and expense to protect this IP. What has been will be … Continue reading

Success is better, actually

We’ve opined on the nature of success  and the role failure oftentimes plays along the way:  failure is a part of business, a great teacher, it’s important to fail the right way… (see here, here, here,  here, here, and here) Well, OK.  But on the other hand… via Feld Thoughts, an excerpt from a graduation speech delivered at the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing: What you learn from … Continue reading

Nurturing Start-ups

A recent Wall Street Journal summarized a new set of ideas (from The Kauffman Foundation) to assist job-creating companies: easier access to early-stage capital, lower taxes for long-term capital gains, regulatory reform, and more.  There is a slight misconception embedded in the conventional wisdom about those “job-creating companies:”  jobs are created mostly by new businesses, which start out small, as opposed to the more common short-hand of “small businesses.” With … Continue reading

Good boards need tension and mutual esteem

A frequent theme of our writing here, and our conversations with our entrepreneur partners, is board performance:  there is more to strong board performance than best practices.  The critical factor is a ‘robust social system’ in which members’ informal  modi operandi ensure that all the well-designed board processes function properly. McKinsey also often writes on the topic of boards, and recently seems to have borrowed a page from our song … Continue reading

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