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Monthly Archives: November 2011

The secret to job growth is, was, and will be…

Last week the U.S. Department of Labor announced that the economy is losing jobs at the slowest rate since it began tracking the number.  That’s the good news.  The bad news:  the economy is not creating enough new jobs to replace even those. The graph below is only the most recent one we’ve used to make the point that restoring a favorable and predictable business environment, with the right incentives … Continue reading

The Rise of the High-tech South

The current issue of The Atlantic includes the feature Special Report: Start-Up Nation that documents the gradual but inexorable geographic spread of “the start-up ethos” throughout the country and includes a road-trip through the Southeast searching for the next Silicon Valley. Senior Editor Richard Florida writes of places which “embrace an ethos that encourages rather than crushes startups and the broader mentality from which they grow.”  He quotes Paul Graham, … Continue reading

Wireless backhaul works in less populated areas as well as major cities

Ron Mudry, CEO of Tower Cloud, recently offered practial reasons why less populated areas are also excellent opportunities for delivering wireless backhaul services: 85% of mobile backhaul bandwidth is in non-NFL cities or rural areas Individual sites in those areas have lower cell-site density and require more bandwidth Existing dark fiber is available to lease from other carriers, utility companies, and municipalities – even if slightly harder to find than … Continue reading

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