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Top 10 most read items of 2011

As the year draws to a close, we’ve compiled the top 10 most read blog posts of 2011 for Navigating Venture – Southeast.  We thank you, our readers, for reading and sharing them with friends by email,  LinkedIn and other social media. God Bless you and have a Happy New Year – The Team at Ballast Point Ventures The Rise of the High Tech South – November 8 Nurturing Start-ups … Continue reading

End-of-year twitter digest

Thank you to all our readers for joining the conversation here in 2011.  We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2012! Offered for your reading pleasure, in case you missed any:  the following summary of our twitter activity in the second half of 2011.  (A summary of the first half of 2011 can be found here.) Harvard Working Knowledge: Lean start-up strategy: “minimum viable products” can validate the business … Continue reading

Almost Facebook?

Did David Gelernter, professor of computer science at Yale, invent a precursor to Facebook only to be undone by a failed launch strategy preferred by his investors?  The Economist reports that Dr. Gelernter’s 1991 book Mirror Worlds – which brought him unwanted and tragic attention from the Unabomber – would later inspire him to form a company of the same name that envisioned an online medium called “lifestreams.” More than … Continue reading

The best climate for entrepreneurs: Part III

In Part II yesterday we ended with Steven Malanga’s four areas in which the state of California has sprayed “startupicide” on the economy: “suffocating regulations, inflated business taxes and fees, a lawsuit-friendly legal environment, and a political class uninterested in business concerns, if not downright hostile to them.”  Here we provide a few highlights from the original piece.  The original article can be found here in the Autumn 2011 City Journal.  1. Regulation Andrew Puzder, chief executive … Continue reading

The best climate for entrepreneurs: Part II

The Autumn 2011 edition of City Journal includes three articles on the subject of businesses “fleeing senseless regulations and confiscatory taxes.”  The authors are making the case for their preferred urban policies, and they single out one state in particular, but the points raised are relevant in the broader context of regional and national economic development. In Unleash the Entreprenuers, Edward Glaeser argues that “Bad policies are holding back the ultimate job creators.” … Continue reading

The best climate for entrepreneurs: Part I

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council has released its 2011 “survival index,” ranking the policy environment for entrepreneurship in the 50 states. As was the case in 2010, the Southeast captured 5 of the Top 10 spots in the ranking. This year’s index has been expanded to include 44 different measures covering the broad areas of taxes, regulation, energy costs, health-insurance mandates, government spending and employment, state liability systems, education reforms, and property … Continue reading

The optimism of a successful entrepreneur

Ballast Point Ventures’ 2011 Annual Meeting featured keynote speaker Scott Rasmussen, co-founder of ESPN and founder and president of Rasmussen Reports, an independent media company specializing in the collection, publication and distribution of public opinion polling information. Mr. Rasmussen recounted how he and his father Bill founded ESPN in 1979, and differences in raising capital then and now.  After being turned down by several potential investors, they successfully pitched Getty Oil (!) to … Continue reading

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