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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Is the secret to national prosperity large corporations or start-ups?

Harvard Business School professor James Heskett, writing in the February 1 Working Knowledge, begins an online forum with the question: “Is Support for Small Business Misplaced?”  Citing recent research, he posits that perhaps a better national economic strategy would target large multinational corporations: Consider the conclusions from some recent research: Small businesses may not be a strong source of prosperity. Not only are they less productive than their larger counterparts, … Continue reading

Don’t mistake process for purpose

Most research and literature about good governance is developed with public boards in mind, and although the context is a little different than in our business, many of the same lessons do still apply.  Since our long term reward depends heavily on whether or not the value of our portfolio company appreciates, we tend to have a more personal ownership mindset – over and above the legal and fiduciary responsibilities – than public … Continue reading

The love of taxes is the root of unhappiness: update

The Tax Foundation has issued its 2012 State Business Tax Climate Index, which once again confirms that the love of taxes is the root of unhappiness. We remain… happy.  And happy to report that’s true for our region as well. When confronted with the argument that higher taxes = unhappiness, we wonder, even while remaining sympathetic to the point of view, whether or not it runs vice-versa, or at least … Continue reading

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